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The law requires that all schools must have admission arrangements that clearly set out how children will be admitted, including the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications than places at the school. Admission arrangements are determined by admission authorities. All admission authorities must determine (i.e. formally agree) admission arrangements annually, even if they have not changed from previous years and a consultation has not been required. Admission authorities must determine admission arrangements for entry in September 2022, by 28 February 2021. New Vision Trust is the admission authority for Elmhurst Primary School, Gallions Primary School, Nelson Primary School and Vicarage Primary School. We have formally agreed to adopt the LB Newham’s admission arrangements for September 2022. You can find further information about admissions on our individual school websites. 

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You can find information about New Vision Trust's financial information using the School Financial Benchmarking service here: Elmhurst Primary School, Gallions Primary School, Nelson Primary School, Vicarage Primary School

Information about employees with a gross annual salary of over £100,000 can be found in the Annual Accounts linked above. 

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