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Address: Upton Park Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 8JY
Tel: 020 8472 1062
Email: info@elmhurst.newham.sch.uk
Website: elmhurstprimary.co.uk

Elmhurst Primary School is a large outstanding primary school. We care passionately about our children’s education and go the extra mile to help every child reach their full potential. Our staff are highly committed to teaching stimulating and engaging lessons, concentrating on making sure that children acquire all basic skills to a high standard, as well as deepening knowledge for every child with our rich curriculum. We take groups of children every year to European cities on art residential visits. Our children perform Shakespeare’s plays in local theatres. We train all our children in debating skills and have great success in regular regional and national competitions. We pride ourselves in our sport and music provision. We encourage our pupils to contribute to society by taking part in charity fund raising.

Elmhurst pupils benefit considerably from our being a Maths Hub and an English Hub; this means that our staff can quickly be equipped with the most effective teaching strategies and keep up-to-date with key developments in education research.  

Address: Warwall, Beckton, London E6 6WG
Tel: 020 7476 1252
Email: info@gallions.newham.sch.uk
Website: gallions.newham.sch.uk

Gallions Primary School was founded in September 1999. Initially a single from entry school, it has grown steadily, becoming fully three-form in September 2015. The school is a single site building comprising of four identical wings with 6 classrooms in each. In addition, we have several purpose built areas to support learning across the curriculum. These include an extensive Music Centre, Art Studio, Library and two Design and Technology kitchens. In September 2014 the school established a Resource Provision for Autism (ASD) and added several learning spaces to support this (including a large soft play room and an outdoor sensory play area).

Gallions serves a richly diverse community in the heart of Beckton. We are a happy school with passionate staff who strive to ensure all children flourish. We encourage our pupils to develop positive attitudes of themselves and toward others. Our careful balance between an enquiry-based and a knowledge-based curriculum ensures that we have a strong emphasis on active learning and we aim to provide children with a stimulating creative curriculum where all subjects, including music and the creative arts, are taught to the highest standards – recognising how they serve to enhance learning in the core subject areas.

Address: Napier Road, London, E6 2SE
Tel: 020 8472 0642
Email: info@nelson.newham.sch.uk
Website: nelson.newham.sch.uk

Ambition and achievement drives everything that we do at Nelson Primary School. We want  to build the foundations for a successful education, to enable each child to discover the joy of learning, to help them to fulfil every aspect of their potential and to encourage their growth into effective and confident citizens, ready to play their part in the world and their community.

We work hard to ensure that every child is successful in the key areas of English and Maths and we are keen to see this recognised in the results they secure. However, we also want them to learn and experience more than this through our learning challenge  curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular and after-school opportunities that complement our work in the classroom and our commitment to global education. We value each child as an individual and aim to provide the opportunities for them to excel in areas where they have a special talent whether this is in science, in sport, in drama, in art, in music or through involvement in our school council or our debate team.

Address: Vicarage Lane, East Ham, London, E6 6AD
Tel: 020 8472 1010 / 020 8472 0674
Email: info@vicarage.newham.sch.uk
Website: vicarage.newham.sch.uk

Vicarage Primary School is a ‘Good’ school with ‘Outstanding’ features. At Vicarage, we have a strong team of dedicated staff, well-mannered children and a committed Governing body. As a four form entry school, Vicarage Primary School has 880 pupils from Nursery to Year 6, all of whom are asked to subscribe sincerely to its motto of “Be the best you can be”.

Based in an area of social deprivation index of 30%, with many children having English as a second language, there are almost 45 different languages spoken amongst our families. On the school roll there is a high number of children with Special Educational Needs. This has not, however, stopped the school from being in the top one per cent nationally in terms of mathematics progress, and top two per cent in terms of writing progress.

As well as focusing on the core subjects, pupils are offered a rich curriculum that moves beyond just knowledge. A whole school themed approach to the curriculum ensures that learning is purposeful and seamless as one subject links to another; promoting pupils’ self-esteem and confidence through spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC).

Address: Downshall Primary School,
Meads Lane, Seven Kings, Ilford,
Essex, IG3 8UG
Tel: 0208 590 2157
Email: admin.downshall@redbridge.gov.uk
Website: https://downshallprimary.co.uk/

At Downshall we are committed to offering all our pupils the best start in life. The pupils are at the centre of all we do and everyone is encouraged and challenged to reach their full potential.

We work together to maximise the potential of all pupils and we respect and celebrate each other’s differences.

Our ethos of self-evaluation ensures the school is constantly striving for the highest possible standards.

This is reflected in the excellent outcomes our pupils achieve by the time they reach Year 6, securing them continued success in the next stage of their education.

We provide an engaging curriculum that prepares our pupils for life, learning and living. This, together with a wide range of extra-curricular activities, makes our pupils’ education at Downshall a memorable and enriching experiencing.