Vision, Principles and Values

Key principles

  • Our MAT exists to provide our pupils with learning opportunities of the highest calibre, through the collaborative working of ambitious, nurturing and academically successful schools
  • We are a group of local schools working in close partnership, through a MAT structure
  • This partnership should grow organically, building capacity for school improvement and for the maintenance of high attainment
  • Schools in the MAT share a common ethos of collaboration, ambition and commitment to continual self-improvement
  • Our family of schools support each other to build on each other’s strengths and to support each other’s on-going development

Agreed Vision and Values

  • Our collaboration will enable us to build effective relationships for the betterment of our pupils
  • The individuality and creativity of member schools will allow us to build constructively from our different approaches, identifying best practice
  • We shall foster the resilience, well-being and achievements of our member schools
  • We will become a world-class MAT - truly at the vanguard of educational innovation and high quality learning - leading school improvement at a local, national and international level
  • We will work with a collaborative spirit, making decisions together for the benefit of all members of the MAT, and through this, for the benefit of all pupils in our schools.

Each school in the MAT proudly retains its own uniqueness, and this enriches the collaborative work of all members.

The Role of the MAT

  • To promote, share and curate contemporary research findings, in order that all staff within the MAT are well informed about current thinking on best practice
  • To create a culture of continuous improvement in order to ensure that high standards are present across all areas of the MAT schools
  • To foster dynamic leadership for the purposes of creating effective schools and in order to build a legacy of future leaders
  • To offer enrichment opportunities for pupils, parents and staff and the wider school communities
  • To recruit, train and retain talented teachers across the MAT
  • To drive innovation within and between MAT schools through seeking creative solutions
  • To provide vibrant learning opportunities for pupils through the benefits of cross-school pupil collaborative projects, performances and challenges
  • To embrace mutual challenge in order to support school improvement in the local area
  • To support schools facing challenges
  • To develop and promote a coherent pathway for CPD and teacher development, to foster brilliant teaching and strong leadership
  • To share insights in sustainable school management, in order to promote financial resilience and best value for money
  • To actively and proudly promote the values of inclusivity, diversity and equality in all elements of the work of the MAT

Contribution to the partnership

All partnership members are expected to actively support the partnership principles, to be committed to implementing its vision and values, and to commit to supporting the development of an effective, ambitious and outward-facing Multi-Academy Trust.