MAT Wondermaths Challenge

This year our five schools all signed up to take part in the London-wide Wondermaths Challenge. 

The Wondermaths Challenge is a maths enrichment programme and tournament for primary pupils in Years 4 and 5 across London. After using the Wondermaths activities and resources in school with their class, Year group and/or maths club, a team of 5 pupils from each school was selected to participate in a very exciting tournament, starting with regional Heats and culminating in a tense and hard-fought Final.

The Wondermaths Challenge encourages pupils to work collaboratively, sharing ideas, listening to each other, as well as individually, challenging themselves. The challenge focuses on mathematical reasoning - solving increasingly sophisticated problems using shape number and pattern.  There is also an emphasis on mental maths and statistics and measurement within a collaborative codebreaking task.

As part of our preparations for the heats, we decided to hold our own MAT Wondermaths competition between the 5 schools in April 2024.  All of our trust schools brought teams together to compete in the challenge lead by Jo Cull and Saleka Bibi from Nelson.  It was a fantastic afternoon of maths that was both fun and competitive. 

In May 2024, each of the 5 schools was allocated a heat and competed against schools from across London.  Out of 65 schools taking part, the 12 highest scoring schools made it through the grand final.  Nelson and Gallions were two of these schools!

In June 2024, Gallions and Nelson set off to Regent’s Hall in Oxford Street, central London to compete against 10 other schools from across London.  The final was a lot tougher than the heats, but all of the pupils had an amazing time working with their team to complete the maths problems.  It was so good to have 2 schools from our trust represented in the final (the only trust that had this!). Both teams performed extremely well and should be very proud.  Nelson were awarded the trophy for 3rd place and also an extra award for scoring the highest in the 24 game (mental maths) in both the heats and the final.  Well done to everyone that took part.