MAT Singing Festival at the Quintin Peppiatt Theatre, Elmhurst Primary

The New Vision Trust Music Festival took place in June, marking a significant event for the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) community. This festival brought together choirs from all five schools within the MAT, showcasing their talents and fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration through music.

All five schools within the MAT participated in the festival, each bringing their choir to the event. This collective involvement highlighted the inclusive nature of the festival and underscored the commitment of each school to promoting music and the arts.

The festival began with a shared warm-up session led by the teachers from the participating schools. This session served as both a physical and mental preparation for the performances ahead, as well as a bonding activity for the students. The warm-up was an opportunity for the choirs to come together, easing any pre-performance nerves and setting a positive tone for the day.

Following the shared warm-up all the choirs learned and performed the song "Wish." This was a unified performance, demonstrating the collaborative effort and mutual support among the schools –symbolising hope and collective aspiration.

Each choir had the opportunity to perform their individual pieces. These performances allowed each school to showcase their unique strengths and the hard work they had put into their musical preparations. The variety of songs and styles performed enriched the festival experience, offering a diverse musical journey for all attendees.

The choirs performed not only for each other but also for special guests invited to celebrate the achievements of the students. The presence of these guests added a formal and celebratory atmosphere to the festival, making the event even more memorable for the young performers.

The New Vision Trust Music Festival was a resounding success, bringing together the five schools within the New Vision Trust in a celebration of singing and community. Through shared activities, collective performances, and individual showcases, the festival highlighted the importance of music education and the joy of collaborative singing. The event was a testament to the hard work of the students and the dedication of their teachers, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.