Literacy Open Day with the UKLA

Tuesday 23rd January 2024 was a fantastic day for Elmhurst Primary School as they hosted an open day with the UKLA (UK Literacy Association) as their 'Literacy School of the Year' (2023) award winners.

Elmhurst Primary was proud to welcome fifty teachers from all over the country to share their rich Literacy offer across the EYFS, KS1 and KS2. A number of teachers showcased their skill and expertise in teaching Phonics, Reading and Writing, as well as the Shakespeare and Debating programmes. The open day was met with a plethora of positive feedback; in particular, visitors noted how engaged the children are at Elmhurst, how much passion the children and staff have for Literacy and the successful approach to teaching writing through the Writing for Pleasure pedagogy. 

Children in KS2 discussed their writing projects with visitors. The Writing for Pleasure pedagogy gives children ownership over the writing processes, so they have lots to discuss in terms of their stylistic choices. 

Year 3 children showcased meaningful opportunities to talk to their partner and formulate their ideas before sharing with a larger group. 

Elmhurst are privileged to have specific teaching on Shakespeare which challenges children's literacy, oracy, social-emotional and drama skills. The Shakespeare programme also enhances children's understanding of this country's literary history and helps the children master key elements of performance. 

Elmhurst receive some of the highest marks in Phonics in the whole country, a testament to the rigour of the teaching and the high standards promoted for all children. 

Elmhurst Primary School has a state-of-the-art theatre which offers an impressive environment for performance. The children certainly rose to the challenge of performing to the visitors who had travelled from far and wide.

New Vision Trust are pleased to announce that Elmhurst's headteacher Ms Samra will be a keynote speaker at the forthcoming UKLA National Conference on the 2nd March 2024. In this keynote, Ms Samra will share her story of how her own literacy journey has informed her deep commitment to providing a rich literacy offer for her pupils, as well as much more.